Let’s talk brunch

A few weeks ago we had a couple of guests in town and of course they requested the infamous bottomless brunch experience. Now, there are several decent options for this experience, but we wanted to try something new. Miti Miti is a Latin bistro in Park Slope that has 4 stars on yelp and a bottomless option. I had my reservations for a few reasons.
First, bottomless brunch places usually don’t serve the tastiest cuisine, not sure why this is, it just is. Second, Latin American brunch fare in Brooklyn tends to have a ceiling for quality. Usually if I want great Latin American fare I do lunch and dinner. Put those two things together and you get disappointing food. I knew this and went anyway. Sure enough, my poached egg was a hard boiled egg and my potatoes were flavorless. The item pictured here was the best at our table and pretty good. The appetizers also were very good. Try the mushroom croquetas.
Lesson learned – for bottomless options, go with what you know!


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  32. Waltervox says:

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  38. WillieBug says:

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  39. Waltervox says:

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  42. RodneyGok says:

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  43. Waltervox says:

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  44. Edwardareri says:

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  45. CaseyTor says:

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  48. WillieBug says:

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  49. Waltervox says:

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  50. Waltervox says:

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  51. Brucebip says:

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