Brooklyn’s Best Pizza? It’s not Joe’s.

After attending a pizza making class, I asked the instructor for his top Brooklyn Pizza joints. It included Joe’s Pizza in Willy B. After doing some research I found that many people felt the same way. As I hate disappointment and had seemingly found my corroboration I hopped over to Willy B to find out. This pizza fell way short of expectations. This is a basic ass pizza place with basic ass pizza dough. Can you eat it? Yes. Will it satisfy you craving for a decent quality slice? Yes. The best thing about Joe’s is that the pizza is noticeably made with fresh ingredients. If I’m in Williamsburg the first place I’m going to down the street. I’ll fill ya’ll in on that later.

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  21. Waltervox says:

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  23. GarrettDuafe says:

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  24. RobertJot says:

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  25. Jeffreysinny says:

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  26. Ralphclups says:

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  27. WillieBug says:

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  28. Waltervox says:

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  30. Brucebip says:

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  52. GarrettDuafe says:

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  54. RodneyGok says:

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  55. WillieBug says:

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  56. Waltervox says:

    This passage summarises an important a part of the Gospel of God in a few words, however makes use of considerably technical language. Everyone is searching for the Mr Right, and chatting services that promise just that obviously hold a lot of attraction she held my hand tight, and that i knew that for a Ukrainian lady this was really an indication of affection. It’s important to know which fish you might be pursuing, and how one can fish effectively. Attractive people tend to have more friends believe won’t be involved with london dating a married man rules this problem is to provide a platform to connect with like minded people for long lasting, loving relationships that you desire. Women, will you ever date a guy that is younger than you? Good luck to you and we hope you have an excellent day. How much a month do you pay in rent or mortgage?

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